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DBC Update

April 6, 2020
  1. Our main website will be down for maintenance and upgraded today.  The giving portal will not be available until the upgrade is completed. The site will look a little different when completed and a notification sent out when accessible.
  2. We are aware of difficulties some have encountered in signing on to the Tuesday night conference calls.  Please be persistent in your attempts to sign on.  There are many companies and churches using this tool to connect creating difficulties in getting through.  Here are some suggestions to help:
    • Dial in early.  Get online before the scheduled time of 7:30PM.
    • You can text “Call Me” to your conference dial-in number. You will receive a call directly that will connect you and you will then enter your Access Code as you normally would.
    • After 5 unsuccessful attempts, join another cell group.
    • To simplify the process for an elderly member, designate someone in the group to use their cell phone’s “3 way feature” to merge that member on the line without them having to place the call. Let them know prior to 7:30PM to expect your call.

Submit your prayer requests by using this link:

Please Pray for......

DBC_Dunwoody – Call# – (425) 436 – 6390    Access Code – 512378#

DBC_Conyers – Call# – (425) 436-6393    Access Code – 665263#

DBC_Stone Mountain – Call# – (425) 436 – 6325    Access Code – 866400#

DBC_Stockbridge – Call# – (425) 436-6338    Access Code – 358539#

DBC_Lilburn – Call# – (425) 436-6301          Access Code – 875342#

DBC_Decatur – Call# -(425) 436-6393          Access Code – 665263#

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