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Tuesday Prayer-Conference call

March 23, 2020

Tomorrow evening we will connect via conference call by cell groups. Please feel welcome to join any call. Below are the numbers by cell group and each elder will host the call starting at 7:30PM. The calls are free of charge.

To simplify the process for an elderly member, designate someone in the group to use their cell phone’s “3 way feature” to merge that member on the line without them having to place the call. Let them know prior to 7:30PM to expect your call.

Submit your prayer requests by using this link:

Please Pray for......

DBC_Dunwoody – Call# – (425) 436 – 6390    Access Code – 512378#

DBC_Conyers – Call# – (425) 436-6393    Access Code – 665263#

DBC_Stone Mountain – Call# – (425) 436 – 6325    Access Code – 866400#

DBC_Stockbridge – Call# – (425) 436-6338    Access Code – 358539#

DBC_Lilburn – Call# – (425) 436-6301          Access Code – 875342#

DBC_Decatur – Call# -(425) 436-6393          Access Code – 665263#

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  1. March 24, 2020 12:28 PM

    I was blessed this morning from Haggai 2- when we are right with the Lord He blesses and the comfort to know He said,”Be not afraid, for He is with me/us!” Amen to know and be reminded that the devil lies and cheats, but Go is TRUTH and we can set our affection on Him and trust His word. Hallelujah!

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